Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudblast?

Cloudblast is a curated library of self-hosted and naturally privacy-respecting web apps, use as many apps as you'd like for a low monthly fee.

How is Cloudblast private?

The "free" apps you use everyday are funded by monetizing your information. Cloudblast is funded by you, we don't sell your data, consequently the apps found on Cloudblast don't leverage you they serve you.

Why is privacy so important?

If I have nothing to hide I have nothing to fear right? That might be true if the consequences were only about breaking the law.

Apps you use today are controlled by giant companies who convert your attention and privacy into money. The dynamics of this system has many negative side effects:

When you use "free" services you save very little in exchange for high personal and social cost. As an alternative by using for pay applications you're using apps aligned with your interests rather than apps leveraging you for their own. Cloudblast provides easy access to this healthier category of apps for a low monthly fee.

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How much does Cloudblast cost?

Use as many apps as you'd like from your smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC, all for one low monthly fee. Plans start at $2.95/mo.

What apps are available for Cloudblast?

Cloudblast provides a curated selection of attention and privacy-respecting productivity, utility, social, home, and sharing apps selected for their quality and design. Access as many apps as you'd like, anytime, from anywhere, on any web browser capable device.